Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bye bye morning duties, bye bye prefect stuff...

By tomorrow, the form5 prefects will be retired and a new prefect board will be elected.

It's kinda sad to let it go; all those shouting to other people's faces, the early recess, the usual meetings and ofcourse with me being in it..the meetings have never been silent. I'm the most loudest, dunno-don't-care, immature prefect to be in the board (i think).

But ofcourse, i'm happy because i won't be under the "magnifying glass" anymore. It's a relief actually.. haha. I'm a trouble-maker kinda prefect, so being out of the picture will mean that i won't be screwed as much as i would get while my batch was still in session. haha..

Looking back at all this, i'm glad that i was once the loudest, childish prefect to had ever be within SMK Bukit Bandaraya. I would just like to say one thing: Adios Amigos! :)


On last Wednesday, me, navin and mira went out for a movie.. and owh yea, me and navin had a blast at carl's jr. while waiting for mira. The burger's were huge man! haha.. for a rm20 meal, it's surely worth it.

Anyways, so when mira joined our seems that i am the shortest guy there. And i feel so small in between them while we're lepak-ing there..sheesh. *sigh*

We were watching the Dark Knight. A super-ass-kicking movie with the best storyline so far.. from each plot to another, it was just total adrenaline pumping and twists throughout the whole time. Heath steals the show by playing the character known as The Joker, his acting was just flaw-less, magnificent and well...*speechless*

I think this movie is an instant classic, superb.. Dude, i am so gonna watch this movie again with my buds. haha..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm not feeling like i am myself nowdays, and why u might ask ?

Well, recently, my dad had heart problems and he's being admitted at the heart institute. Secondly, i got dumped from a girl that i thought was my best girlfriend ever, and yes; it hurts like fcuk.

From all those events that just had happen to me, i think it has changed me without me even realizing it. Somehow, i don't feel like i am myself. I'm losing my character, i'm also losing my friends...

I don't know how i've changed into what i am right now, but all i know is; i don't like who i am at the moment.
I need to be myself again. I'm always hyper and loud...but nowdays, i'm always emo. I'm silent at times.. i seriously don't know what's happening to me.

I just need myself back..*sigh*

Friday, July 18, 2008

Absence of a Father and a Great Friend.

That's my dad, his name is Raja Shahruzzaman ibni Sultan Idris Afifullah Shah. That picture was taken somewhen in March of 2008, at Hartamas Square. I like to 'lepak' with him and talk about whatever that comes up in our heads..and he will smoke his shisha and talk.

We are close, like buddies. That's cuz i don't really enjoy telling everyone else all of my monsters and nightmares and he knows how stupid my problems can be and how complicated it could be, and how to avoid unnecessary problems.

And now, he's really sick.. he's at the heart institute. His heart only uses 30% to pump his blood and's because his heart is becoming weak. Obviously, i'm so bloody worried. He's my dad and my buddy and his heart is giving complications...

Dude. I seriously wouldn't want to lose a dad who's also my buddy..please, pray for him. I would really love to see him back being himself and talking crap with me and laughing it out loud. For those of my friends who knows my dad, send him a prayer.. please.
Thx. I hope u'll get better dad..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tick..tick..tick.. SPM's gonna blow in your head!

This exam is every form5's nightmare.. reason being: parents, friends, teachers and the people around u will tell u how important this exam is and not to flunk it. correct ?

I'm sure the ex-form5s agree with what i say..well some of them might agree. The thing is the people around u will add more stress to your head and eventually, you'll just lose it.

The thing i'm smiling about is...well, it's not the bottom classes who are worried sick about this exam eventhough they haven't score straight a's before. The one's who most likely to be panic about this are the top classes, the straight a's kids..the successful students.

On my opinion, shouldn't it be the bottom classes who should be terrified with this exam more than the top classes ? I mean these guys at the top classes have better chances at finishing this exam with flying-colours. I'm in one of the bottom classes, in the art-stream. It seems that the people who are in the top classes are the ones who look like they're gonna blow up any minute.. yeah, the one's who could ace the exam are the ones who are terrified.

So, u guys think about what i just said..i'm sure there's a billion facts the counter what i've just said but's just my little opinion.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Evolution: Student-Probate-Prefect

In my beloved school, there is an organisation that rules over the student discipline issues.
Where everyone wears their uniform in blue, where the blazers are worn on mondays, where we are set to show our most best behavior at all times. I call this organisation: The Prefectorial Board of Excellence.

In this organisation, we are suppose to cooperate and trust each other as a family. Well, within every family, there are sure to be some small quarrels between members and stupid arguements, am i right so far ?

So, i'm here to say what i've experienced from being a prefect for almost year.

At first, i wasn't keen of the idea of me as a prefect, i mean i was one of those student who makes fun of the men in blue and laugh whenever they screw-up on something that i could see..i was a total rebel to the prefects; reason being, because i was jealous of them.

At the time, the prefects were only selected from the top classes which i hated them for being the teachers pet and getting more authority by being in blue. So, one day, i received an offer from an discipline teacher to be a prefect. I laughed at first, i was saying " me ? one of them ? Hah! u gotta be kidding me..." in my head. But still knowing a selected few will only get those offers, this was a invitation i couldn't refuse.. so i took the application form and filled it up.

I had to find 3 teachers who agrees on the fact of me becoming a prefect, so i went on searching for teachers who actually understood my character as a student.. I walked all over the school and finally have all 3 signatures on the application form. I had to submit the application form myself on a discipline teacher's desk in the teacher's lounge. As i walked to submit the form, i saw a pile of prefect forms on the desk.

I thought to myself, i wouldn't make this's impossible considering how tiny my chances were compared to the rest. But still, i place my form on the top of the pile..and hope for the best.

Weeks later, i was called to present myself to the disciplinary board of my school. As i walked there, i my palm started to sweat, my heart was racing was fast as possible...i was so bloody nervous considering it was my first interview. So i was gathered at the auditorium with the other applicants, waiting for our names to be called to an interview room. I was later being called at the most professional room there is compared to some of the other interview rooms, my interview room had the school captain (Yusuf), his assistant (...i forgot) and the discipline teacher (Pn.Zaleha) of the prefectorial board.

I was asked countless questions and i managed to answer them all by my own reasons. The most trickiest thing that they asked me was: "you are going to be a prefect, and you have to listen to your exco and seniors. So if your senior wants you to pour a glass of water of you head, would u do it ?"
My answer was: "sure, ofcourse i will listen to my excos and seniors but what does pouring water on my head going to change the disciplinary conditions of this school ?"

And so, that was the best answer i could come up with. A few weeks later, the results came up to us. I was one of the probate and if i do well, i might have a good chance to be one of the prefects. So my first senior was Deepak. yes, it's the funny big ol' Mr. Deepak who was my senior, he tought me so many things about the prefect board..but he lost when it comes to teaching me the prefect song though. I couldn't stop laughing due of listening how some prefects were singing it..

Within that week, the tailor came to our school and we tried on our blazers. The guys look smart, some of the girls who wore that look like a retard. haha..jk. Navin, me and all of us were making jokes of each other's look.

Two weeks later, the probates switched seniors for the second time, this time my senior was Wardah. I couldn't find her for a couple of day because i don't know how she looks like, but i went to her class and introduced myself. Wardah didn't teach me much because most of it Deepak has already covered. So i went to duty and did the usuals for another 3 weeks until all of us was told to attend the Prefect Camp, which was a bomb! haha.. it rocks la!

On the way to the camp, we probates were singing and making so much noise in the bus. Linda, Abhi, Navin and me were so creating havoc at the back of the bus, then we took some of Abby and Debbie's snacks..awwh.. those were the days.

During the camp, we all had to learn to cooperate and show our leadership skills to the teachers and fellow prefects. I was the loudest and most annoying probate there and my companion was none other than Mr. Navin Kumar, both of us were making things go 'happening' for the rest of the prefects. The jog from the watchtower during the mornings, the jungle-tracking and not to forget, the best campfire game that made Yusuf danced and all of us acted in a play that we directed by ourselves.

A week later, us probates finally got the prefect tie and it confirms the fact we are prefects. All of us were really happy that we made it, i certainly did. I finally proved myself that i could be in blue and still don't look like a nerd, and i got a bonus too, i was appointed as the AJK Discipline II. (thanks to my friends in blue who agreed with the decision)

Then, all of the training what we as probates to prefect are being used and tested everyday for every occasion. There was also the Prefect Gathering of SMKBB which the board launched somewhen last year, the board invited all prefects from schools around KL. It was quite funny; me, Deepak, Prince, Vickram and the others were incharged of the 'water-counter strike' game which wasn't used since our timings were a little off, but in the end, it was our Prefect Board who had fun in that little game which didn't even last 20 minutes because our water supply was....owh well...*sigh*

A couple of months later, we had the 'Prefect Army Training' or something like was fun, me as usual..the loudest prefect and combined with Deepak and Aji, it was a blast man! We had lots of activities and my team was the best team there. My team's name was Bravo, the members were KaJeng, Ainin, Jerome, Hakim, Ivy and other prefects (i forgot who was in my team). We went through each of the challenges and prevail every-each-one of them! haha..

A couple of months later, we welcomed the new batch of probates. It looks like history might repeat itself or maybe not, but whatever the case is...i had the best time messing with the whole school as a prefect.

To all of the form5 prefects, there's no doubt, we are the most HAPPENING prefect batch ever! haha..
I dedicate this blog entry to all of the form5 prefect who were rocking with me all these while...

My past relationship as F'd up as it is..and how it got worse.

So a few months ago, i was hooking up this girl..she was like the best gf i ever had, she had the qualities of what i was looking for in a gf. Everything went well, it seriously seemed almost perfect at one time.
We were happy being together until that day came, 7th of July. It was the day where we broke-up; reason being, she said she wants to move on (bla..bla..bla...) and some other stuff i couldn't recall (couldn't remember from all depression i was feeling).

Being an idiot that i am, i felt very EMO because of this breakup thingy..said that i couldn't live without her and being all heartbroken. So then, i told my friends about her and how our relationship ended and how i actually felt about all this.. well, ofcourse; someone had a problem with me telling my close friends about what happened.

The someone was clearly her, ofcourse. She and her entourage said it was all an fcuking BS, and how i made the stories up and whatever i said all were untrue.. well, i have an opinion, if u guys are almost like a saint...why can't ur bestie get her freaking 'crush' and be together after how she was babbling and feeling all emo and whatever..because obviously, her crush knows what a great liar she is (honestly, it was a headache listening to that crap). Secondly, being a professional 'liar' that i am as how u guys described my character to the whole bloody school, why didn't u tell me that we're's over ? It seems that i'm not the only 'professional liar' in this matter, right ?

Look, the fact that u guys have told the whole school that i made so many rumors and it made u and ur bestie argued against each clearly shows how much of a villain i am, right? well, firstly, ur bestie: "ms.i-wouldn't-hurt-anything", is also a professional liar.. and why u might ask ? well, the fact that she told me that how 'disliked' u and how u are treating her differently right after she introduced her new transfer-buddy to u, and how u don't talk to her like how u guys used to (and bla..bla..bla..); so, she can bitch about u and get away with it ? that hardly seems fair.

I find this 'accusing RaJa thingy' really hillarious...for the fact that i am the villain of this twisted tale, but the actual story is really how u guys fought each other while we were to together, whether u guys realized it or not. And now, u guys are talking about honesty and whatever BS u guys can come up with..

In the end, someday, the truth will finally surface from all this bullshit that u guys are covering it up with..and when it does surfaces, taste ur own sweet poison. I guess it'll hit u like big slap on ur faces by then...well, until that day comes, i am still patiently waiting. Honestly, it's up to u guys to think whatever u want about me..i couldn't care less, because whatever it is, i know i'm not the one who started this fight or whatever the bullshit is called..

And yeah, it's ok to pretend that we still talk eventhough we couldn't stand looking at each other's face anymore..and if u were to ask me, "which one will u choose, me or your friends ?" ; I'd say: I'll choose my friends over you.

(owh yeah, to anyone who's reading this...please, don't take it personally. it's just an angry opinion from a guy who got cheated.)

Cheers! - RaJa Ahmad Shah.